Investor, entrepreneur, and reality show star Sam Logan hasn’t been in front of the cameras much since his split from Juliette Porter, which was televised for the world to see on MTV’s Siesta Key’s season premiere. Despite Juliette’s derogatory claims, Logan says that he was never trying to make 24-year-old Porter jealous. The behind-the-scenes Kuma cannabis investor contends that he was “simply announcing the split the best way he knew how” since the two called it quits last August.

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Being part of a reality show was never a priority to Sam Logan but he agreed to participate in Siesta Key with his then girlfriend Juliette Porter as a way to support her career. Unfortunately, when things went south in the relationship, Porter launched a smear campaign to make Logan appear to be a drinking and partying philanderer, but Sam says that he avoided the media and chose to take the high road for that exact reason. “Juliette and her friends have claimed that all I do is drink and party which is unfair to say. The same people criticizing me are the ones who are out every weekend, drinking and partying. Relationships don’t always work out so it’s unfair to try and point fingers when it simply just didn’t work between us.”

“I’m not the kind of person to start drama,” expresses Logan about some of Juliette’s claims in the media. “I chose to take the high road for so long but hearing these negative things she continues to say about me is bothersome because I know I put my all into that relationship while supporting her and her lifestyle.”


Porter is currently in a new relationship who she went public with in February. This leaves Logan hoping all of this can finally be put in the past. Sam says that their split was a lot more of their personal goals rather than Porter’s claims, “We’re two different people. The relationship didn’t work because she wanted one thing and I wanted something different. I feel like she has tried to turn it into this ordeal about me not being supportive, but I’ve always supported her in everything she’s done. I mean, I even went on the show for that reason.”