Saweetie dropped major gems regarding her mental health and why she thinks it’s important to maintain the three B’s: balance, breaks, and boundaries, on the newest YouTube series executive produced by LeBron James and Maverick Carter ‘Recipe for Change Amplifying Black Women.’ A series of dinners designed to bring women together to celebrate the stories, traditions, identities, and experiences of Black women as they gather around the dinner table. In this particular segment, Saweetie hosted a dinner with guests  Kelly Rowland, Former Atlanta Mayor  Kecia Lance Bottoms, Elaine Welteroth, Angelica Ross, and Hallease Narvaez while Kelis Rogers was the chef of the night.  Discussing important issues to Black women like their thoughts on the phrase ‘Strong Black Women’ and also how do the ladies keep their mental health in check.  In the clip, Saweetie breaks down her own recipe in keeping it all in check. “We All need the Three B’s,” she says, “its Balance, Break, and Boundaries.  Balance not only do we work hard but we need that love, that girl time. Breaks-I always tell the young entrepreneurs, the young go-getters… team no sleep? No, that’s not cute. No, please get your rest, drink your water, replenish yourself mentally physically, spiritually, all that — cause I’ve done it before. and Boundaries.” Set your boundaries whether it’s showing up doing a favor just know that I love you, I respect you but I can’t do it because if I’m drained I won’t be able to serve you and I love serving people.  Continuing the conversation with “And I feel like as strong women, especially Black women, we have to establish that — not only with the world but with our team.”  Take a look below o see the powerful conversation in its entirety