The billion-dollar princess of the WWE is stepping away for an extended amount of time. WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon is taking an indefinite leave of absence to focus squarely on her family.

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“As of tomorrow, I am taking a leave of absence from the majority of my responsibilities at WWE,” McMahon tweeted. “WWE is a lifelong legacy for me and I look forward to returning to the company that I love after taking this time to focus on my family.”

This most likely refers to the fact that her husband, WWE legend Triple H, suffered a cardiac event last summer that resulted in a near-death experience. Currently, Triple H is back with WWE behind the scenes on a limited basis right now.


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Stephanie and her father, Chairman and CEO Vince, are the only McMahons currently still with WWE. She has largely been the one in the family always in from of the press and public appearances for the WWE. She began her time with the company back in 2000 working on the writing team and worked her way up to Executive Vice President of Creative before transitioning to her current role in 2013.

WWE President Nick Khan will assume most of Stephanie’s duties in her absence, according to Wrestlenomics’ Brandon Thurston.

According to PWInsider’s Mike Johnson, “no one but the most inner circle” of the company knew Stephanie’s announcement was coming.

Johnson added that most people in WWE he spoke to were “completely shocked” and “taken aback” by McMahon’s decision.