Last week the ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ Rapper went to her Instagram account and had a real conversation with fans about how she was feeling about fame, touring and being overworked.  Revealing with a non stop demanding schedule and the pressure from her team and family, Omeretta is feeling overwhelmed and shared her very real thoughts with her fans. “I just feel like I should be and can be open with y’all.. I been feeling so drained and I been telling people this but nobody listening cuz nobody care. I been so numb to everything you would think I would be so excited with all my dreams coming true but I can’t feel nothing. People don’t treat me like a human no more they think I’m a money machine or a robot. Nobody asking me how I’m feeling or how I’m doing mentally Everybody call my phone and need something. I would cry but crying never solved my problems. This shit hurt💔 people telling me “this what come with it” “more money more problems” they ain’t lying. I’m grateful for my situation so so grateful🙏🏾 but I’m also tired and I’m hurting and I’m so drained to the point I don’t even wanna get out my bed I been arguing with people for weeks straight this shit got me physically sick. From family feeling like I owe them my life to this snake ass business & people doing shit under my nose thinking I don’t know about it smh. I just wanted to let y’all know what’s up with me. Everytime I go missing from social media it’s because I’m drained and this shit don’t make it no better. Of course I got music on the way please don’t ask me I just need a min…”  Her friends and fans responded with their full support, from thanking her for her transparency to recommending she see a therapist.  This industry can be tough to navigate and stressful mentally and physically.  We pray that Omeretta will feel better soon.  Check out her Instagram post HERE.