The VERZUZ battle phenomenon is still here and up next is two well respected southern Hip-Hop groups. During Memorial Day weekend, UGK and 8Ball & MGK will take the stage in Atlanta for an iconic VERZUZ battle.

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VERZUZ took it to Twitter to announce the news.

Both UGK and 8Ball & MJG played major roles in bringing southern culture to Hip-Hop. Both groups used their music to lyrically give insight to how things went in the south.


The Port Arthur, Texas duo, UGK, consisting of Bun B and the legendary late Pimp C, made a splash in the rap game when they dropped their ’96 classic Ridin’ Dirty.

Meanwhile, 8Ball & MJG were the some of the first rappers to but Mempish on the map.

The date for the battle will happen on May 26, at 8PM ET, in Atlanta. Fans can stream UGK vs 8Ball and MJG, on all Verzuz social media feeds, as well as Triller.

Fans can also receive updates about this, Verzuz, by texting 855-968-1499. As of now, it’s unclear when tickets will be available, for fans to purchase, in order to attend UGK vs 8Ball & MJG.