If you are a fan of all of the fun that Rick Ross has at his Promise Land home, his new show will be for you. theJasmineBRAND reports Rozay is headed to BET for a new non-scripted show.

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Ricky Rozay’s new series will reportedly follow his efforts at different outdoor and indoor activities. The forthcoming show’s name and release date are currently unannounced.

Ross previously teased a show, stating, “I’ma go ahead and do me a show. The time is now. It’s going to be about wealth, based on success.” He added, “We actually filming right now, but I hope y’all are ready for it ’cause I’ma talk some big numbers.”


Rick Ross is doing everything he can to make his home, The Promise Land, the place of his dreams. Rozay, who already made headlines for his tree chopping expedition, has now purchased a fire truck for the property.

“Growing up in Carol City, when the ice cream truck came down the street, we used to jump on the back of the ice cream truck and hold on,” Ross said. “Fire trucks used to drive by all the time. I always wanted to ride on one of them. So guess what? I bought a fire truck. It’s going down!”