The deadly school shooting in Texas is dominating the conversation in Congress.

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New Hampshire Democrat Jeanne Shaheen opened a Senate hearing and said the nation can no longer accept the status quo and called for “common sense legislation” to curb rampant gun violence.

Kansas Republican Jerry Moran called the Texas tragedy “horrific.” He noted violent crime is a growing problem across the U.S.


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The senators’ comments preceded testimony by FBI Director Chris Wray.

Director of The FBI, Chris Wray said the tragedy involving the Robb elementary children is “heartbreaking.” Adding, the entire nation has been “shaken by the horrific crime.”

Wray also said many mass shooters are “lone actors” who are looking for “soft targets.” He said they’re often motivated by personal grievances and, in some cases, “incoherent beliefs.” He also noted that motivations are “all over the map,” including violent extremism.

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