Charleston White, the outspoken critic of gangs and gangsta rappers, was approached and confronted by Chicago drill rapper 600 Breezy because of White’s comments about the late Chicago rapper King Von, who White inexplicably called a “demon”.

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The video below shows Breezy checking the 52-year-old, while White holds steadfast to his principle that he cannot support anything that he views as “anti-Black”. At one point, Breezy calls the opinionated critic a liar, to which he surprisingly agreed, drawing laughter from those who were present. He went on to say that when he was gang-affiliated, he would fight his opps instead of killing.

At the end of the video, White contends that he’s against anything that’s hurting Black people, including gangs, rap music, and white people.


After the video below was released, White took to social media, saying he was ready to call the police on 600 Breezy for threatening him.

See the entire video below.