With a revised visual identity, Instagram has given its colors, typeface, logo, and other brand aspects new life and meaning. The new system is built to support ongoing evolution so that we can provide our community with more immersive and inclusive experiences.

The gradient has been rebuilt in bright hues to make it feel more lighted and alive, as well as to signify moments of discovery. Instagram Sans, our new typeface, was created with our legacy in mind and contains numerous global scripts. Content-driven, the new layout and design system celebrates innovation, simplicity, and self-expression.

To make the gradient feel more lighted and alive, a unique 3D modeling approach was used. The entire color system is built around the Instagram gradient, which is made up of our brand colors. The gradient in Instagram’s marketing, logo, and even in-app, as seen in Create mode, stickers, and Instagram Story rings, communicates moments of discovery through lighting. We’re pleased to bring the vitality of the new gradient to the Instagram experience.

You can learn more about Instagram’s changes here.