Cardi B went to Instagram stories to explain to her fans and haters why she swears by laser treatments for her skin and that she finally found a place that had the right ones for her skin. Rich Bich NYC  a medi spa located in midtown New York is the treatment center responsible for keeping her skin smooth and tone even, servicing their clients with everything from skincare rejuvenation to laser hair removal.  The WAP rapper started her story addressing her fans and haters alike, saying, “I just want to let you know that this is not a promo or anything, I just want to let y’all know that I  finally found a place where they have the right laser for my skin.” She continued by saying “A lot of y’all get razor bumps, ingrown hair, we get dark down there (referencing the vijayjay) or on our underarms and y’all be putting turmeric and lemons,” quickly adding, “Y’all are not making tea with your p**sy (her words not ours)  stop making tea!”  Immediately sharing her secret. “You need to laser.” adding in her two minute video that by getting lasers your hair will get softer and eventually will stop growing, leading to softer skin and less hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin) in your vaginal area and underarms.  She also advised against bleaching  saying, “a lot of y’all want to jump out the gate and y’all want to bleach, it doesn’t work like that, you need to laser first, that’s the issue you need to laser your p***y and your underarms.”   She also talked of her frustration of not being able to do laser treatments when she was pregnant, telling her fans how sad she was because of it. ”My s**t just got a little darker my underarms got a little darker but b***h I’m good again and its important for you to find a place that they have the right laser for your skin because sometime your hair might be a little to course like me”  It is a known fact that not all lasers work for everyone the courser and more textured the hair is the harder it is for the lasers to work.  “B***h my hair was yaki my and now its Indian Remy and guess what, three more sessions I’m not gonna have hair.”  Thank you for that information Card, who also called out her esthetician Surgeon Made Official who makes it all happen for her.  Ok we it’s time we book our appointments to getting mission ‘summer hair down their removal ’ process underway.