Frankie Fire found a gem with Dro. Frankie is known to work with some of the biggest up-and-coming artists in the world. They seemingly pop off within the year after he touches their project.

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Dro Montana is no exception to this rule. Her melodic style, smooth flow, and clear confidence radiate through her music.

Her music video for “Ghost” is a masterpiece to say the least. Scenes of a dope weed setup contrasted with big open fields and her holding a GOAT (yes we see the metaphor) make up this dope short film-style MV. 


Dro Montana promised that she will drop a single every other week for the rest of this year. She said: “I’m completely zoned into perfecting the craft of releasing music. Make sure each and every aspect is done thoughtfully. I’ve learned to create bangers, film top-of-the-line music videos, and I am now perfecting the craft of elevating my brand for the world to see”. 

Dro has a vision that far outlives her own music brand: from clothing lines to record labels, this is an artist with a vision and we have no doubt that we will be seeing a lot of movement in the coming months and years from this creative genius. We are excited to write this article and be at the forefront of her success.

Check out her new music video “Ghost”: