Hip-Hop made its way to Japan through American DJs and rappers in the early 1980s. Soon it gained popularity as a mainstream musical genre inspiring Japanese artists to achieve their creative best in music. Rapper and musician TOMORO, also known as KING TOMORO, is one such artist who was inspired by hip-hop to step into the music industry. His passion for music and hard work placed him at number #1 on the Billboard Worldwide Digital Sales Chart. Given this feat, TOMORO made history as the first Japanese artist to achieve the position. 

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TOMORO started his journey as an entrepreneur at the age of 16. Initially, he was a streetside salesman but later scaled up his business to own and manage 18 stores across Japan. At 24, TOMORO was a successful entrepreneur living the life of his dreams. Expensive cars, watches, accessories, and a lavish house defined his lifestyle. He was living a perfect life until he ran into millions in debt. He was only 26 then and had to overcome several challenges, including attacks from local gangsters. However, TOMORO managed to repay all his debts within five months and restarted his career in the music industry. American rapper and actor Xzibit has been TOMORO’s inspiration in music. 

With his debut single titled “World Money,” released in February 2021, TOMORO struck the chord in hip-hop music, garnering positive attention from music enthusiasts. The song “World Money” is a catchy tune about money, and it gives off affluence. The piece evoked a party mood and kept the listener hooked from beginning to end. It is a unique blend of traditional and contemporary hip-hop showcasing TOMORO’s mastery of music. The song can be said to revolve around love, with an emphasis on money.


TOMORO’s fresh perspective on music with “World Money ” soon climbed to the first position on the Billboard Worldwide Digital Sales Chart. The song has stormed the hip-hop scene in Japan and America, claiming millions of hits on digital streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes Store, Deezer, and Tidal. TOMORO’s journey from a debut triggered a chain of hits from singles to albums, and it has continued to date.

Given TOMORO‘s road map for the next five years, his goal is to collaborate with 10 top rappers and music artists worldwide to roll out hit projects. He has also collaborated with Hip Hop legends Nice and Smooth in his music debut music video and looks forward to more of such exciting projects. Born in Hokkaido and raised in Tokyo, TOMORO’s background may not be English localized; however, he has learned to write in English to reach a global audience with his music. 

As an artist who bares his soul through music, TOMORO wants his music to be the medium to connect with people all over the world. As a self-made millionaire, TOMORO’s love for music is not focused on money-making; instead, it is about his true passion for hip hop. TOMORO remains ambitious and believes that no dream is too large to be achieved. He’s currently a renowned hip-hop star in Asia and America; nevertheless, with his unique style of music, he looks to make the global scene his playground.