Cordae hit Twitter and spoke out in support of Young Thug, Gunna and YSL who are currently in jail awaiting trial on a 56-count RICO indictment. “Free the Whole YSL Family ! They showed me more genuine love than damn near anybody!”

In his messages on social media, Cordae spoke in support of the rappers and also against the use of lyrics in courtrooms.

“Protect Black Art!” Cordae wrote. “Also Using Lyrics against someone on trial is nuts ! It’s a form of self expression that shouldn’t be used in a literal sense especially in a court of law.”

Gunna appeared on “Today” from Cordae’s From a Bird’s Eye View album. Cordae and Young Thug also appeared together on wax, exchanging bars on “Wassup” from the Just Until…. EP.

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Cordae isn’t the only one speaking of the good that YSL does. Last month, Meek Mill spoke about Gunna and Young Thug and the opportunity they provide:

“Thug put on many families I seen with my own eyes… stand up for them in these times not the lit ones! Labels, women, n****s… I pray that DA be fair to them knowing what we out here tryna survive. Thug and Gunna ain’t no crime bosses, they successful rappers with influence that didn’t leave their environment behind… If you bring your environment with you it’s basically RICO. Watch yourself out here.

The people I did the most for tryna take me out ‘but can’t’ or tryna manipulate the world. I’m a bad person because they ain’t hold up the ‘loyalty’ part.”

Does Meek have a point? Peep his commentary below.


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