Nia Sultana, a Brooklyn singer/songwriter, debuts her soul-baring first EP Bigger Dreams on Interscope Records.

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The track “Proven,” which features Rick Ross and has a soothing, hypnotic music video, arrived ahead of the new release.

The EP also includes otherworldly singles like “In The Morning” and “Ambience,” which have enabled Sultana’s already committed fan base to see the many sides of her.


“Proven” is a relatable story about shaky relationships and what occurs when one partner works harder than the other. The song sweeps across the ears like a soft breeze, with its low-key snare beat and soaring synth strings. “You’re only interested when someone’s stepping up and I start questioning this situationship and the time that I’ve put in,” Sultana ponders. Ricky Rozay adds in a verse painting a luxurious picture of the life they could share.

Sultana is set among natural springs and lush foliage in the song’s video, which emphasizes the song’s intensely personal character. “Proven,” with its sensitivity and boldness, is a strong start to Sultana’s Bigger Dreams EP, on which she explores the many stages of love: falling in love, falling out of love, and everything in between. From the cheek-blushing ballad “Element” through the self-care hymn “In The Morning” to the uplifting title tune, the album reflects self-respect. Sultana, on the other hand, knows when to let loose and be vulnerable, like she did on “Entirely.”

Sultana first gained the attention of alternative R&B fans with her 2019 single “Coconut Water,” a soothing track that received praise from publications such as NPR and was featured on YouTube’s popular Escape Tracks platform. She’s a Brooklyn gal through and through, and her music has a unique edge as she explores the beauty in adversity while building reassuring affirmations with each bar. Sultana’s strong blend of Quiet Storm soul and poetic songcraft provides a dose of the healing R&B the world needs right now on Biggers Dreams.

You can hear the EP below.