Watch We Set The Trends and travel into the metaverse in this masterful video directed by EddieVisual (BAYC#4524) and Yasha Gruben (Grammy Nominated Director), as we bounce between eclectic digital worlds. This collaborative project features 15 incredible visual artists of wildly different styles, and is nothing short of impressive.

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The all-star visual team includes designer and LVMH prize winner Kidsuper,  ASAP Rocky’s former creative director Robert Gallardo, Iconic pfp artist Somehoodlum, Hip-hop NFT Icon Tilla Vision, Top BAYC Animator Idrawanimation, Digital Craftsman Guy Bergman, and many more.

The video is premiering exclusively in the metaverse today, in Decentraland to be exact, who is unveiling a brand new digital movie theater just for this release. Limewire will be sponsoring the Metaverse event, yes you heard that right – Limewire!