NBA fans are welcomed to the Finals by Michael B. Jordan, the neighborhood Hoop bus driver, who presents the newly developed Larry O’Brien trophy in its renowned Louis Vuitton case. Jordan stars in “The FInal Delivery” NBA Lane film and drives into the arena, recalling some of the most memorable NBA Finals moments in the league’s history. Jordan meets NBA icons Dirk Nowitzki, Jerry West, James Worthy, and Paul Pierce on his way to defining what greatness means in the NBA Finals in preparation for a championship celebration unlike any other.

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Jordan visits The Trophy Room in the arena in Horizon Worlds, which references the NBA Lane Experience that debuted in Horizon Worlds on Meta Quest 2. The NBA and Meta Quest 2 recreated “NBA Lane” in virtual reality as part of the NBA75 campaign’s climax. Fans can play minigames through the end of June, watch the newest Playoffs highlights, and examine all six new trophies in the “Trophy Room” via Horizon Worlds.

You can see the video below.