Stephen A. Smith is known for his outlandish attitude, outspoken persona, and sometimes cringe-worthy hot takes. To some, these attributes either make him one of the most beloved and valuable sports journalists in the game or one of the most hated. However, his recent take on Michael Jordan might take the cake.

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In yesterday’s episode of First Take, Stephen A. Smith debated Steph Curry’s contributions to the game of basketball. Smith argued that Curry helped elevate the game while Michael Jordan is responsible for changing the game for the worse.

“Michael Jordan is responsible, as much as anybody, for changing the game for the worse,” Smith said. He went on to say that Jordan’s ability and superstardom caused the game to become more individualized. “He was so phenomenal that the NBA started marketing towards the individual, people started gravitating towards the individual, and the game became more individualized because everybody wanted to be like Mike,” Smith said.


Smith went on to say how during the Magic and Bird era of the 1980s, the NBA marketed entire teams and people gravitated to teams rather than just players. However, when Jordan came into the league, the game became more individualized, giving way to players such as Vince Carter and Kobe Bryant.

Do you agree with Stephen A. Smith’s take?

You can watch the full clip below.