Chris Garber is a new artist on the rise. This talented DJ, singer, and songwriter has been getting a lot of attention lately, with many in the industry praising his work. Since his breakthrough single, Chris’s music has climbed the charts. His latest track, “Nights With You,” has amassed thousands of views and is setting new records for the singer. But what many do not know about Chris is that he started his musical journey years back. To the world, Chris may be a new artist, but he has been in the industry for quite some time. He shares with us his journey.

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Chris uncovered his passion for music at a young age. His dad loved music, and Chris often accompanied him to his practice sessions. Luckily, Chris’s dad noticed that his son loved music too, and he started teaching him how to play the guitar.

According to Chris, his first guitar lesson with his dad opened his eyes to the beauty of music. It made him realize that music was more than just sound and lyrics—it was something he wanted to pursue not just as a side hobby but as a full-time profession. This marked the start of Chris’s journey in the music industry.


Chris was determined to learn more about music, and he invested in research. He became more involved in choirs, musicals, and talent shows, and with time, Chris was composing his own songs. But he didn’t release them just then.

The music industry is hard to break into, especially when you have no one to hold your hand. There are so many challenges, from raising enough money to pay for studio time to promoting your songs and the fierce competition. All of these made it tough for Chris to cement his place.

As his career started picking up, Chris also lost all his music. He had stored his drafts in his emails, and he lost access. Chris had no other way of recovering all his songs, and he was forced to start all over.

While it was hard, this was the only way for Chris to continue pursuing his passion. He was not ready to give up, so he returned to the studio and started working on new songs.

Looking back, Chris says that losing his songs might have been a blessing in disguise as he came back better and even earned his big break. Chris has performed at various events in the US and beyond, and his songs have thousands of streams. Chris has also DJed in Australia in front of 50,000 people.

While his journey in the industry has not been all easy, Chris has not given up on his passion. He continued to work hard even when challenges kept knocking, and he has now cemented his space in this fiercely competitive field.

As Chris continues to flourish, he says his goal is to create more music as he builds a community of like-minded individuals. Chris Garber is working on a new album, Somebody to Love, which, as stated by his management, is set to be released soon.

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