During her set at a comedy show in Detroit last week, Mo’Nique dragged D.L. Hughley over a dispute between who was set to headline the event. She called Hughley and Steve Harvey “coons” despite Steve not having anything to do with the situation.

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During the Wednesday, June 1st episode of The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Steve was asked by his co-host Shirley Strawberry about the situation. Steve replied saying that he could care less what she has to say.

“Let me just open by saying I could care less than a…about what you think about me because clearly—clearly—I’m not your problem. And you know what? Anyone who knows me, who really knows me, can’t even make that statement,” Steve said.


He went on to say how the “mission” of comedy shows is to entertain people, and that she was given incorrect information about headlining the show. He believes that Mo’Niques manager lied to her and told her that she was co-headlining with Hughley.

“Her management, whoever he is, simply stated ‘I got this gig, you co-headline.’ I promise you that’s what was told. … And that was incorrect information because D.L. put that contract online,” Harvey said. “He was 100 percent headlining. Co-headlining affects the money. If you’re co-headlining, you’re gonna get the same cash.”

You can check out Steve’s response below. It starts around the 30-minute mark.

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