1. You’ve been creating businesses for years, Why Scrybe? Why now?

Scrybe is necessary now, It’s simply going to come on its own time, as the industry continues to shift. Whether artists get it at the moment or not, Scrybe is the solution that cures the long standing industry issue of not only artists being underpaid for their content, but stops the need for labels to create slave agreements, in which they have to take revenue from every aspect of the artist’s career to simply see a return on their investment. 

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2. When you say, “stops the need for labels to create slave agreements,” how does Scrybe cure that?

What artists tend to forget is that there is a risk that every label takes with every artist they sign, aside from the general risk that the artist just doesn’t have the heart or work ethic to become notable. Since streaming doesn’t really pay out enough for 95% of artists signed, there’s the bottom line risk of “what if this artist doesn’t become big enough to tour, sell merch and stream at least 5 million streams a month?” So they ask themselves “How do we get our money back?”  

With Scrybe, that risk is mitigated. The value of the artist can be set and forecasted by simply looking at a few measures. One being hoow many of the artist’s fans are real and the second being can that artist convert those fans to Subscribers. Simple math, if the artist you are looking to sign has 1million followers, and can get %10 of them to engage and Subscribe to their music at .25 cents a month. Then the artist should be earning the label 25 thousand dollars a month. 


So when the label offers the artist a 1 million dollar record deal, the label now knows they are going to receive a return on investment within 40 months or 3.5 years if my math is correct. Lol 

3. So why such generosity? A free app that just pays artists more and you are the new Jesus? 

Aye, Don’t forget Jesus was supposedly mad rich (Laughing), but no, Scrybe is not a non-profit, we take commissions, it’s just like OnlyFans kinda. We don’t make any money unless the artist or podcast does. And what makes that great is we are encouraged to promote all artists, not just the top 5. The algorithm is aimed to stay open, not just show favoritism to the majors. We are at 20% commission fee now, which is only paid out when the artist requests it. But We are hoping that when we reach a critical mass of users, we can lower that percentage so the artist takes home more. I’m not greedy, I have other businesses to help even more. 

4. What’s the motivation behind the app? 

Outside of some instrumentalists who’ve dedicated their lives to mastering 10 plus different types of instruments, I don’t know of a person who loves music more than I do. Not just hip hop either, on any given day, I’ll listen to country, soft rock, screamo or whatever im in the mood for. I’ll admit, I just don’t vibe well with EDM, without passionate lyrics it doesn’t resonate with my soul. 

With that being said, I am grateful for the artists who have made my life more enjoyable through music. It motivates me and gets me through tough times. It calms me and the lyrics that artist write are a constant reminder of things like true love, hope and compassion

5. You’ve built plenty of businesses since 2012. Is there a certain method to how you begin? 

Honestly writing down my thoughts is my biggest and always my first method. I’m an avid believer in when you want something you can’t just think about it and try to take action. You have to buy a notebook dedicated to that project and create an idea list, a Bullshit doodle list, a checklist, a future goals list for that project and anything else you can think of, and keep rewriting in it and reorganizing it, and checking things off that need to be done and little by little you’ve accomplished it all. 

Google is also my number two. People sleep on google for some reason, I personally live by doing research on google. 

Lastly, books. Probably shouldn’t be the last mentioned but I have a hard time sitting sometimes and reading what I am supposed to. But I am an avid audio book reader. If there’s not music playing in my car there’s an audio book. 

I’m personally addicted to the building process of starting companies. I don’t mind the failure anymore, I thrive off the little accomplishments and love the marketing aspects. But the biggest part is building something that truly helps people live their lives better 

7. How necessary is it to have a strong team and support system? 

Having a strong team is the biggest blessing you can be given. I always say, I know the universe has a plan for me because look at the people I’ve been blessed with. I’ve dealt with the same business partners across 3 different ventures. Their wives have then become essential parts of the goal through their individual passions and knowledge. The same girl who started off as an intern runs the show for 1 company. I have been blessed with amazing developers as we transitioned to our in-house team and stopped outsourcing for Scrybe. I absolutely would not be anywhere without them, and every day I work to repay them.

But there was a point in my life where I was dreaming and building on my own, before I had met anyone who truly believed or was ride or die. To that I say, just because you haven’t found your team, do not let that discourage you from doing your part, which is learning your genius and taking all the action necessary to get what you can done. 

A lot of lil sh*t heads like to question why no one believes in them but they haven’t even done the work to show they believe in themselves and have the discipline to see it through. Im sorry their not shit heads, just lazy, spoiled lil mofos. 

8. In regard to your last statement, the cursing part. Do you not feel that as a CEO of a company you need to hold yourself to a certain standard of professionalism? Like, where is your suit and tie? 

I am not defined by being a CEO, I define what a CEO is. That’s a title, I’m a human being, I’m meant to express myself passionately or what’s the point of being here? I think you show God that you are grateful for your life you’re given when you live out your gifts and passions. It’s like having a beautiful soulmate but not showing them fully how much passion and love you have for them. F*cking Waste. If you’re not loving hard or living passionately, then you’re not living at all.

And as far as the suit and tie, I feel like anyone can buy a suit and walk around almighty. But you can’t buy character and humility and kindness and passion. Fuck a suit. Ill suit up when I feel like it. But business is my sport and thats why im in gym clothes. We training (Laughing) 

9. Do you go to the gym everyday? 

Nearly, but not always to weight lift. Sometimes just to stretch. 

10. Do you feel like you could be successful without the gym? 

My definition of success isn’t complete without a healthy lifestyle. My dad said something like, “what’s the point of having a pinto engine with a Lamborghini body,” or vice versa. . I can’t remember, I think they both work but regardless. I need my body to function as well as my brain. That goes along with my spirit and finances. 

11. You’re always ranting on social media about this, so gloves off, what’s your take on relationships and business? 

Everyone’s situation is different.  I personally like to be the best at whatever I’m focused on at the moment. Which means when I’m focused on one thing, sometimes something else is getting neglected, which would make me feel like a loser. I don’t feel like I can be in a completely committed relationship while focused on the dream. The woman I want deserves all of my attention and energy and to get me at my best most focused. 

12. So give us the keys to how to go from the sidelines to playing life, your way.

(Laughing) Stick to your plan, stay focused. Pay attention to who you gettin close with. Distance yourself from negative energy. (Laughing) 

Those are straight Big Sean lyrics lol but I stand true to those bars. . .Everyday write your own story, who you want to be, what you want to do, where you wanna go and don’t let anyone or anything get in your way. Doesn’t Matter how many mistakes you make, if you’re making focused decisions that were genuinely trying to get you to success, there’s no Ls. 

On the other hand if you’re making dumb unfocused decisions like unprotected sex or spending your money used to invest in strip clubs then you’ll continue to take Ls. 

It’s not about how much you have, it’s about how you budget what you have. 

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