After nearly 3 months of silence from both Chris Rock and Will Smith regarding the slap heard across the world, many people have lost interest in the topic. It was interesting to talk about after the first couple of weeks but after a month went by and neither side addressed the situation, many thought that maybe everybody had just moved on from the incident.

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Well, think again.

This past Wednesday Jada Pinkett Smith resurrected the conversation during an episode of the Red Table Talk where she talked about the situation in the episode focused on alopecia. Jada said that she and Will will continue to work toward “figuring out this thing called life together.”


Reaction to the episode was largely negative on social media, with many annoyed with Jada for bringing up a topic that many have moved past.

Among those who had an issue with Jada’s comments was Vivica A. Fox. Fox said that she believes there is a lack of accountability on Jada’s part in the situation. She says that the video she saw of Jada made her cry and shared what she thought a “good partner” would have done in that situation.

“This is going to be difficult for me. These are my peers. I’ve done a movie with both of them. Set It Off with Jada and Independence Day with Will Smith, which absolutely changed my life. When I saw this video last night, it made me cry.”

“Will Smith that night, as far as I was concerned, was going to be crowned this generation’s Sidney Poitier, which is a huge honor. I felt to be a good partner, there was no accountability. Will Smith was defending her honor. That was why—the reason he walked onstage and slapped—because he felt like his wife had been offended. So for me to see no accountability as a partner. … Also let’s not forget that Chris Rock was assaulted—we cannot forget that—for basically telling a joke that I really felt wasn’t that bad.”

You can watch Fox’s comments below.

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