People should expect something crass to come out of Bossie’s mouth whenever a new video of him surfaces. In his latest, Boosie is ecstatic about finding out that he will not be a grandfather.

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Last year it was reported that Boosie’s son, Tootie Raw, would be expecting his first child with his girlfriend Ramya. However, Boosie had his suspicions, as he revealed on The Breakfast Club that he did not think the young lady was actually pregnant. Boosie added that Ramya and her mother had been trying to “trap” his son since he was younger.

However, it seems as if Boosie’s suspicions have been proven to be true. Boosie hopped on IG to tell his fans that Ramya was lying and that he is not going to be a grandfather just yet. “Just found out that ain’t my son baby, haha! I’m not a grandpa,” Boosie said. In his multi-part IG video, Boosie went on to explain how someone “kidnapped” a baby and brought it to him like it was his grandchild, and had faked a birth certificate and DNA test.


In the same post, he shares pictures of the child who was passed on as his grandkid, and DM’s from a woman claiming the chlid is actually hers. He even notes how they don’t look anything alike and even his daughter knew that wasn’t her nephew.

The post’s caption on IG reads: “The things these women do these days is CRAZY‼️ my son has had the most stressful year of his life because of this situation ‼️ok yall wanna do this too my son bet n the moma of the daughter the worst.”

You can watch Boosie’s reaction below.