Internet sensation and YouTuber known as “Goblin”, is gearing up for an incredible 2022. As one of the fastest-growing creators on the YouTube platform, Goblin uses his social media savvy and exuberant personality to connect with fans daily via his video and podcast content. His consistency and passion for the art form is what continues to take him to the next level.

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As part of the generation that made YouTube one of the top platforms in the world, Goblin (born Nick Campana) began making content on the video streaming site when he was about 12 years old. As his fan base grew so did his love for what he does, and he eventually left a job at a car dealership to pursue YouTube full time at 18. Staying consistent was his main focus, a technique that has paid off in the last three years or so with Goblin seeing a drastic change in his career momentum. He enjoys inspiring his fans and teaching them new things about life, drug use, and his story. This year Goblin has a goal to reach 1 Million subscribers, which shouldn’t be hard for the young influencer seeing as he’s over halfway there already.

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