Jack Harlow had celebrated the release of his second studio album Come Home The Kids Miss You, by attending the Kentucky Derby that same weekend. It was a star-studded event, and even Drake showed up. The two took the opportunity to make a video for their track “Churchill Downs,” which featured clips of horses racing in the video.

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While many might have turned a blind eye to the horse racing, one group didn’t. And that would be the animal rights group PETA.

PETA came out against the video, claiming that Harlow and Drake were “glamourizing” horse racing with the music video, and that the abuse that horses endure was left out of the music video.


The statement released on PETA’s website reads: “Jack Harlow and Drake have chosen to glamorize horseracing with their new ‘Churchill Downs’ video. In response, PETA is calling on Harlow to donate the song’s proceeds toward caring for Thoroughbreds discarded by the industry, which exports 7,500 of them for slaughter every year.”

The statement continued, saying “Jack Harlow’s glamorized portrayal of horse racing is missing the whips, drugs, and deaths that run rampant in the industry,” says PETA Senior Vice President Kathy Guillermo. “Profiting from the abuse of others is never acceptable, and PETA is calling on Jack Harlow to pony up and pay for the care of American Thoroughbreds who would otherwise be shipped to foreign slaughterhouses.”

Since the statement was released, neither Harlow nor Drake have responded. It is unlikely they will since this is not the first time PETA has spoken out against rappers. Remember when Kanye said to tell PETA his mink is draggin’ on the floor?

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