Over the past few years, Dame Dash has gone on multiple podcasts where he has talked about his time during Roc-A-Fella. During a new interview with Revolt TV’s Assets Over Liabilities, Dash shared that at one point, clothing giant Tommy Hilfiger wanted to buy Rocawear for hundreds of millions of dollars.

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Dame said that he had gotten jumped in Paris during Paris fashion week, and at a fashion show, Tommy Hilfiger told him that he wanted to buy Rocawear. Dame insisted that he and Tommy talk later because he had a concussion from getting jumped. However, Tommy Hilfiger did end up making an offer for $450 million.

“We were about to sell to Tommy Hilfiger for like $450 million,” Dame said. “I had got jumped in Paris during fashion week, and I got the film I can show it to you and Tommy’s in my ear like ‘yo, I wanna buy the company…,’ I’m like ‘yo I got a concussion man it’s loud. Let’s talk later.’ But they did make the offer. So I woulda walked away with like $40 million, and when you put a company to get bought there’s due diligence that comes with it. So due diligence is lawyers that cost like a million dollars just to look through everything.”


He added that right as they were going to close the deal, Jay-Z announced he would launch another brand, devaluing Rocawear, and the deal was scrapped. “We go through all of that shit. Right before we close, your man makes an announcement that he’s launching another brand… so it devalued the brand and they left, because they were like ‘if Jay’s not a part of it we don’t want it.'”

You can watch the full episode below.