Peoples Equity Group is a next-generation investment portfolio and aggregator company, reimagining investing by scaling up direct-to-consumer brands and exiting them in roll-ups to private equity for much higher multiples or valuations. They are a holding company that buys and scales e-commerce brands on Shopify and other direct-to-consumer sites while consolidating them under one roof and, in some cases acquiring them outright.

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With every brand they grow, they aim to help investors everywhere make the most out of their passive investment by injecting and optimizing e-commerce brands with capital, operational infrastructure, and pre-existing data. They have collected $20 million of advertising data for the last five years as a portfolio company. This allows them to compete globally while still acquiring businesses with a ripe, undervalued potential. They can come in at a far less of buying multiple than buying a $20 million company. It allows them to leverage the expertise that made the brand special, to begin with, and scales the brand up before exiting it to a private equity buyer for a much higher multiple, in a roll-up (bundling multiple businesses).

To simply put it, Peoples Equity Group acts as a company of companies. What sets them apart from other aggregators in the space is that they have created an ecosystem where large debt investors can take on the deals $10 million+ and for smaller deals ($1-10 million), giving both accredited and institutional investors access to the best possible e-commerce investing opportunities, for getting in low and selling high in the current market.


According to Chief Operating Officer Dakota Smith, “I bought into a sales pitch about buying a done-for-you Amazon store and didn’t make any money. The store got shut down, and everything the company told me about the net profit I would make turned out to be a lie. After hearing more and more stories like this in different markets, some even from close friends, I decided to do something about it.”

With over 10,000 new sellers that come onto Amazon every day, it’s straightforward to search the top 10 products in your niche, find out who is number one, and then try to reverse engineer their marketing, supply chain, and so forth, or worse try black hat tactics to try to destroy the ranking of those at the very top to move farther up the ladder for “bestseller” status.

Most acquirers are not positioned to diversify to other sales channels successfully. They have their futures intertwined with Amazon and are almost entirely focused on professionalizing that one marketplace. In other words, the very reason why most aggregators fail is that they only know one language: Amazon. On the other hand, Shopify allows much more functionality when it comes to genuinely owning data and the flexibility of greater autonomy of protecting their brand secrets and developing more private label unique products versus other generic drop-shipping items.

Peoples Equity Group has helped pave the way for direct-to-consumer Shopify-based brand aggregators worldwide. Start diversifying your investment portfolio with a company you can trust. See their case studies of past results through