Pusha T and Pharrell might go down as one of the best rapper and producer duos of all time. It’s easy to see how they have impacted each other musically, and during his recent concert in L.A., Push showed his love for the Pharrell, saying that the super-producer taught him everything.

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Push went on to bring Pharrell on stage to perform their newest single, “Neck & Wrist,” and some of their other collaborations back from the Clipse days. To close out the set, they two have given each other their flowers, saying how much they have influenced each other.

“Without Pharrell, there is no ‘It’s almost Dry,'” Pusha T said. “He brought a whole different dynamic to my album, Man I love you, bro, for everything, always. You brought me in this game, you taught me everything! Everything! Clothes, dressing, what you want? You did it. Real shit, no lie.”


Pharrell then returned the gratitude to Push, saying, “Man, I am just so proud of my brother, He’s been doing this for over 20-years. Number one album in the country. Everybody has been talking about it, y’all know this is the best one. Thank you for being so supportive all these years. And you gotta know when it comes to real masterpieces, when you know you really got one, that’s the thing you say, ‘its almost dry,'”

You can check out that part of the show below.