After over a week of going back and forth after a simple contract dispute, D.L. Hughley hopes to have put an end to his battle with Mo’Nique. On Monday, Hughley addressed Mo’Nique in a lengthy video posted to his Instagram.

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In the caption, he said that this was the “final straw” and the “last breathe” that he’ll waste on speaking about Mo’Nique.

“The final straw and the last breath I’ll waste on a monster so HEINOUS, they would try to open a wound and weaponize a young woman’s past personal trauma. That young woman happens to be my daughter and it ends today. – Darryl Lynn Hughley,” he wrote.


In the video, Hughley addresses the clip where he told Sway during an interview how he did not initially believe his daughter when she told him that his friend had sexually assaulted her. Hughley says that Mo’Nique “perverted” the story and added her own narrative.

“I know I said that I had done all I could here about this whole Mo’Nique situation but over the weekend her and her husband released a video where I was doing an interview and I detailed my daughter’s sexual trauma. Mo’Nique has taken that video and perverted it for her own uses. She decided to add her own narrative.”

Hughley called Mo’Nique’s remarks “unconscionable” and doubled down on his belief that Mo’Nique did not “play” Precious mother in the critically acclaimed movie for which she won an Oscar, but she “let her out.”

“You and your husband putting a man in my daughter’s room when that is not what I said and weaponizing it and using it in a trite argument shows exactly how low you are,” Hughley, who said he was speaking out at the request of his daughter, said. “You are a monster. You literally are. You didn’t play Precious’ mother. You let her out. You stopped pretending to be human and you won…an Oscar for being exactly who you are. Who says they love women and are there for women…and would trod out someone’s sexual trauma just to use in an argument?”

Hughley went on to tell Mo’Nique that she will not be invited to his show despite accepting his daughter Ryan’s invitation to talk. He told Mo’Nique to leave his children out of their beef, and concluded by saying “one day I hope that you’re happy and you can stop being such a miserable, low human being.”

You can watch Hughley’s full response here.

Mo’Nique has not yet responded to D.L. even though it is probably only a matter of time. Before he posted his response to her, she took to Instagram again where she questioned D.L. Hughley’s love for Black women due to jokes he made surrounding the 2007 Don Imus controversy where he called Black female basketball players “nappy headed hoes.”

“Tell me what part of what he said was funny? This is classic DL Hughley, cruel for no reason. The only thing that I ask some black women is how do you protect a black man who not only won’t protect you, but he’ll recklessly attack you too! @realdlhughley,” she captioned the post.