The Nike MLB City Connect Series celebrates each club’s personality, traditions, and values that bring its fans together. The Los Angeles Angels’ design pays homage to the team’s illustrious past while also pushing the boundaries of what a baseball uniform may be. The Angels City Connect uniform features vintage-influenced design elements in a tribute to throwback baseball and surf stylings and is inspired by Southern California’s beach lifestyle. The uniform, which will make its on-field debut on June 11th, brings the beach to the ballpark by promoting year-round sunshine and surf culture.

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The Nike Los Angeles Angels City Connect Jersey pays homage to the beach culture of Southern California. Thanks to popular music, television, and movies, the year-round sunshine, and surf culture formed a big part of the area’s character during the 1950s and 1960s. The uniform features vintage-inspired design components in homage to old baseball and surf stylings. The aesthetic highlights the best of Southern California’s beach-side influences, from the free-flowing cursive chest graphics to the consistent numerals inspired by the simplicity of coastal lifeguard tower labels.

The base hue is inspired by Southern California’s endless sandy beaches, while the blue numbers reflect the Pacific Ocean. The palm leaf on the sleeve patch is evocative of California’s characteristic palm trees. The left sleeve contains two bands that are a tribute to the asymmetric stripes typically found on mid-century surfboards. The Nike Los Angeles Angels City Connect Jersey brings the beach mood to the field when you visit the Big A after a day on the beach.


The Colorado Rockies, Houston Astros, Kansas City Royals, Los Angeles Angels, Milwaukee Brewers, San Diego Padres, and Washington Nationals are among the seven new MLB teams for the 2022 season. You can see the design for the Angels below.

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