Wack 100 is known for his mostly unpopular takes on music and hip-hop culture. He has been called out by many artists and figures in the industry for his controversial takes. A clip of one of Wack’s recent Clubhouse conversations made its way on Instagram. In the convo, Wack talks about Future, and calls his music “one dimensional” and “dreary.”

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The audio begins with Wack speaking on Southside and his supposed beef with Diddy, who has been rumored to be seeing Yung Miami – the mother of his child. Somehow the conversation turns to Future, and thats when Wack gave his critique on the Atlanta hip hop star.

“Why you saying I’m hating on Future? I’m just telling you his music is dreary and same, one-dimensional. I can’t listen or watch that n*gga on no stage for a hour, bro.”


He continued, saying “That’s not hate, bro. I don’t think—you gotta understand. I don’t get high. Maybe you gotta be high… We talking about headlining, n*ggas coming behind Busta Rhymes, Future definitely cannot come behind Busta Rhymes’s performance. It’s like from one extreme to the next. Like, Busta gonna have a seizure and aneurism and a heart attack on stage. This n*gga comes up same sh*t.” 

“This n*gga Future, bro, his sh*t is just one pocket and that’s just what it is. N*gga, even on the Drake tour they didn’t let Future do a full set. Drake came out for forty-five [minutes]. Future came out for twenty-five [minutes], and then Drake came back out!” Wack added, “I’m telling you. I started nodding out [during Future’s set]!”

You can listen to his rant below. Do you agree with Wack?