The Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan break up continues to make headlines. Just a day after Steve Harvey made comments on his radio show, an Instagram story from Marjorie Harvey, Lori’s Mom, is raising some eyebrows due to it’s message.

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Marjorie posted a clip of iconic actress to her story, in which she stated “You sit in shit too long, it stops smelling. So come the fuck outta there.”

Over the weekend, Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan ended their relationship. According to PEOPLE, the Hollywood heartthrobs have ended their year-plus long relationship, and both are “completely heartbroken.” A source for Lori Harvey reveals she was not “ready to commit” to the Creed actor and is ready to move on.


“She is very focused on her career,” a source told PEOPLE. The insider also stated Harvey “realized that they weren’t on the same page” when discussing their futures.

“She still wants to have fun and be free,” the source says. “Michael is a great guy. She is sad that their relationship didn’t work out, but she is moving on.”