Back at it again with another hit, DJ Bander wows audiences with his latest release, “Said and Done”. Always hard at work in the studio, with his label, and with his media company, DJ Bander continues to impress and prove exactly why he’s a leader in the industry.

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As if we needed any more proof, “Said and Done” shows off DJ Bander’s cutting-edge vocals, well-mixed trap drums, and melodic heavy bass production. Truly a master of all, DJ Bander makes it clear he isn’t going anywhere.

As a master vocalist and pianist, the compositional talent and training that DJ Bander has are evident in his progressive melodies that arch and weave throughout this latest record.


We continue to see Bander Productions solidify itself as a high-performing major electronica label that consistently places at the top of the charts, and lands on high-level Spotify playlists. This latest track is no different, coming in at #4 on the iTunes Top 100. 

DJ Bander deserves all the credit and praise for “Said and Done”, so this latest iTunes plaque certainly will not be his last, and we are very excited to see what is in store for DJ Bander in the coming months and years!

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