Albums and official merch from recording artists and musical acts are like the holy grail to loyal fans. Still, sadly, some end up wasting money on counterfeit goods.

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One example is the K-Pop scene. Since fake albums, photocards, and light sticks are all over the market, fans now have to carefully examine a product before purchasing it.

But did you know that a QR code generator can help you fight fake goods? You can create a QR code for product authentication to ensure the authenticity of your merchandise.


Wondering how to do this? This article will walk you through this process.

How can musicians use QR codes to authenticate their merch?

A bulk QR code generator is the perfect tool for creating QR codes for product authentication. This paid feature lets you create multiple unique QR codes for every physical album or merch you release.

Each QR code will route scanning users to your official website that shows the product’s verification details to guarantee its authenticity.

You can use static (one-time use QR codes) or dynamic QR codes (think customizable, on-brand QR codes) for this feature.

But it is highly suggested that you go for dynamic ones so you can easily edit the embedded data and keep track of the QR code scans from buyers.

How to use a bulk QR code generator

Using a QR code generator can be a bit tricky, but this guide will simplify it. Here are the steps:

1. Create a CSV file containing your QR code data

A comma-separated values file is a spreadsheet with all the details for your QR codes. Most QR code generators provide their users with a CSV template that they can download.

On the CSV template, fill out three columns: “qrType,” “qrURL,” and “qrCategory.” Each row will then correspond to a unique QR code’s data.

2. Upload your CSV file

Click the “Upload CSV file” button on the bulk QR code generator and select the CSV file you have just edited. Select the “Dynamic QR” option and click the “Generate Bulk QR” button.

3. Customize your QR code’s design

You can modify the appearance of your QR code. Changing its eye shape, pattern, and colors will help you match the QR code with the aesthetic you are going for.

You can even add your logo or picture to the QR code so that your fans will easily recognize the code.

4. Scan the QR code with your smartphone

A test scan lets you check whether your QR code functions properly. If any issues occur, you can quickly fix them while you still haven’t downloaded and deployed your QR code.

5. Download and deploy

Once your QR codes work, you can click “Download” to save your bulk QR codes in a .zip file. You can then extract them on your PC, print them, and place them as a sticker on your merch.

Fans can then scan the QR code to guarantee that their purchased merch is 100% legit.

Album with QR code for authentication

K-Pop boy group PENTAGON released their EP “WE:TH” on October 12, 2020. The physical album came with a Hanteo Chart Authentication card that contains a QR code.

Fans then proceeded on the Whosfan app to scan the QR code as part of its verification process. The scan is then recorded and reflected in the Hanteo music chart.

Other QR code use-cases for musicians

Aside from product authentication, QR codes can also help the music industry in a number of ways:

1. Promotion

You can embed a snippet of the lead single within an mp3 QR code to promote your next album or extended play.

You can also use a video QR code to redirect them to a teaser of your music video.

2. Subscriber/listener boost

Suppose you have a YouTube channel or a Spotify artist’s page. In that case, you can copy your personalized link and embed it in a URL QR code to increase your subscribers and listeners.

3. Increase social media following

Social media is an important part of marketing and promotions today. You can use the all-in-one social media QR code so that your fans can find all your social media handles on one page.

They can instantly follow you on any social media platform with one tap.

Prevent counterfeits with QR codes for product authentication

Modern technology has provided artists with better and faster ways to promote their music.

It has also made it easier for counterfeiters to steal and exploit their intellectual property.

A QR code for product authentication acts as a solid security detail to prevent counterfeiters from creating pirated copies.

This technology also assures fans that they’re spending their hard-earned money on original and authentic products from their beloved idols.

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