Singer and actor Rotimi has been known as a jack of all trades. Having been successful in every project he touches, whether on the mic or behind the camera, the creative is known to put his all into everything he does, hence the name of his debut album All Or Nothing. Rotimi has shifted gears towards his entrepreneurial pursuits to curate skin essentials to protect and restore natural glow with the launch of his unisex skin care line, FAVR.

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To celebrate the launch, Rotimi traveled to the Dead Sea, one of the main inspirations in the development of the line, where the product is also enriched with minerals from the illustrious sea of salt itself. Rotimi also went live to announce the launch to the world. FAVR is available now for purchase online. 

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“I wanted to progress to a new level and share with the world something that means so much to me. As many know I take pride in my health and daily routines and traveling on the road as much as I’m blessed to do, my skin takes a huge hit with climate changes. I took a hands-on active role turning a sketch comedy joke with Mr. Buttascotch and his notorious face mask, to creating a product line solely focused on the nourishment of the skin and face. I’m excited to share that with everyone, especially the products roots to the Dead Sea, and help with rejuvenating a natural glow for people.” 

Screen Shot 2022 06 09 at 3.51.58 PM
Screen Shot 2022 06 09 at 3.51.58 PM

Developed in partnership with Cre8or Global, an innovative industry leader in developing beauty, health and wellness brands for talent and their communities of supporters who have often been overlooked in this space, it was Rotimi’s goal for the line to cater to individuals with various skin tones who may struggle finding a product that was made for them. FAVR embodies everything the singer stands for and is made special for the individual who exudes an inner confidence that pours through to the outer body with pride in health and wellness and grooming habits. It is a line built to protect and restore skin with products including Charcoal Skin Cleanser, Moisturizing Balm, Exfoliating Rub, Dead Sea Mineral Mask, and an Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream. FAVR products start at $19.00, bundle deals range from $34.00 to $116.00