SZA fans have been patiently waiting, just as long as Kendrick fans, for SZA to drop her next album. Her critically acclaimed debut album, CTRL, dropped in 2017 and was hailed as an instant classic. Rumors and reports have been spreading about SZA being finished with her sophomore album that is slated to drop sometime this year. The only question is when?

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But, today, June 7, SZA decided to bless her fans with a deluxe version of her classic debut. The deluxe comes just a couple of days after she teased the deluxe on Twitter.

“Unreleased songs from 2017 to celebrate 5 .. me thinks,” SZA tweeted. She followed it up with “What isn’t on deluxe maybe on SoundCloud as well tomorrow? Deciding . Spring cleaning old thoughts,” she added in another Tweet. SZA added, in another tweet. “Everything made in 2014-2016/17… not new lol to be absolutely clear


The deluxe features seven more songs including “2AM,” “Miles,” “Percolator,” “Tread Carefully,” “Awkward,” and “Jodie.” The deluxe also features an alternative version of her hit song “Love Galore.”

You can stream the deluxe from Spotify here