Lauren London, a PUMA ambassador, is teaming up with the global sportswear brand to release the second installment of her highly anticipated “Forever Stronger II” line.

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The Forever Stronger II collection, which was created in collaboration with Lauren London, contains a bold manifesto splashed across unisex hoodies, long sleeves, and kids’ tees — a physical expression of hope and optimism. Forever Stronger II was made to pay tribute to people who persevere in the face of adversity, embracing the world with unwavering compassion and perseverance.

Reimagined style classics from the original iteration, such as the basic hoodie and tee, are included in the collection, along with the Forever Stronger moto and co-branded designs, as well as a tiny blue heart — a personal touch Lauren wanted everyone to have with them. Each piece serves as a reminder that we are characterized by what we accomplish, how we demonstrate strength, and how we support others, not by our challenges.


The Forever Stronger II collection is now available exclusively on, the PUMA NYC Flagship Store, and in select retailers. 

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