After exploding in the third quarter of Game 3 of the NBA Finals, Steph Curry had a scary fourth quarter. While attempting to secure a loose ball, Boston Celtics big man Al Horford landed on Curry’s leg, leaving the superstar guard screaming in pain.

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The injury was similar to the one he sustained in the same building in the regular season when Marcus Smart dived for a ball in the regular season. The difference between the two, the Smart-involved injury sidelined Curry for a while. The Horford-related injury will not keep Curry out of the next game.

“[I got] about 10½ hours of sleep, a couple dunks in the ice bucket and that’s about it for now,” Curry said to ESPN. “Then take advantage of today and tomorrow to get completely ready for the game. Get as much recovery and healing as possible and understand how important Game 4 is. I’m excited about the opportunity.”


Curry stated the previous injury let him and the Golden State Warriors coaching staff knows how to plan for this recovery.

“Because I went through what I went through in the regular season and coming back, I know exactly what it is and what I’ve got to deal with and the soreness, pain level and all that,” Curry said. “So once I got checked out last night, I knew I wouldn’t have to go get any extra tests just because we’ve been through this before.”

The Warriors will need every member of their roster heading into Game 4 to avoid a 3-1 hole and the possibility of losing the NBA Finals in their home building for Game 5.

Game 4 tips off Friday night (June 10) at 8 p.m. on ABC.