The first-ever Kickin’ It presented by Nike segment, produced in Spanish and featuring Atlanta Braves player Ronald Acua Jr. has been released by MLB Network.

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Kickin’ It, which debuted in June, showcases an MLB player talking about their in-game footwear, favorite shoes as a kid, and what they’d like to wear in the future. Some of the notable releases included St. Louis Cardinals’ Nolan Arenado, Chicago Cubs’ Wilson Contreras, and Milwaukee Brewers’ Christian Yelich.

In this episode, Acua Jr. highlights the sneaker he chose for the segment:


 “These are the shoes I designed for home club. Then I put the yellow, blue, and red. The yellow is more noticeable because I have always liked to stick out. It also combines and makes reference to the flag of Venezuela. Here are the stars of Venezuela. You can see here are palms. …It makes me feel like part of my home there in La Sabana, how I am from the coast, from the beach. Over here you can see the date of my birth with my name, December 18, 1997. I have always liked since I was a child, never forget where I am from. I always put my country on top. I think that was one of the biggest motivations why this shoe is yellow. It’s a shoe that mostly stands out among the others, because if you look at the team, our uniform hardly has yellow. I make them match with a number of things I wear during the game.”

You can see the segment below.