Rolling Stone’s magazine dropped their list of the 200 greatest hip-hop albums of all time list this past week and was scolded for their egregious takes on hip-hop music. Some people even took to social media to say how bad the list was, noting that some classic albums had been left off the list in favor of more recent albums that have not nearly had the same impact or acclaim.

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One surprising omission was of The Game’s debut album, The Documentary. The Game responded to being left out of the list on Twitter, citing that he carried the West Coast for 20 years with his debut album.

@RollingStone how is “The Documentary” not on the list for 200 Greatest Rap Albums Of All Time ?” The Game tweeted. “I carried an entire coast for 20 years on the back of my 1st album. Cause I don’t walk red carpets, play dress up, smile or fake laugh at brunches I don’t count ? #Drillmatic July 1st.”


This is not the first time however that The Game has felt like he has been disrespected. He aired out his grievances to Ebro, T.I., and Funk Flex for leaving him out of their 50 greatest rappers of all-time list.

“@oldmanebro @funkflex & @troubleman31…… I ain’t forgot about these lists… #DRILLMATIC coming soon…. HURRICANE GAME LIVES y’all shoulda just threw my baby mamas in there too !!!!”