Only a small number of people work differently and unconventionally in any creative field. Because of this, there aren’t many names that signal a turning point in the creative world. Look at the visual artist Bolli Blas, who is achieving it. 

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British visual artist Bolli Blas, 34, was briefly reared in Poland and was born there. Bolli earned a master’s degree in accounting and economics after relocating to the UK, but she discovered her calling in painting. 

Her early works of art were representations of already realized visions. She thought that as a beginning artist, copying previously completed works was the best course of action. 


Fortunately, her focus shifted to her own ideas and thoughts. Bolli Blas sought to design something novel, utopian in nature, and inclusive of all individuals. The artist came up with the term Bollis for her creative signature. 

The figures in the piece have large eyes that closely mimic the windows of the soul and serve as a mirror to contemporary society. She aims to convey via her paintings that everyone is equal, regardless of their age, race, sex, or religious views. 

Bolli Blass has always been a strong proponent of equality and wished to express her ideas via the arts. She discovers that by always learning, evolving,  and sharing her opinions in the art world, she can produce work that connects with everyone, regardless of background. 

Backpacking across some of the most underdeveloped nations in Central  America, Africa, and Asia was Bolli’s last travel destination. There, she had her eyes opened to a fresh viewpoint and was daily gaining knowledge of many cultures and concepts. 

She aims to inspire others to never stop learning and choose a job that reflects their deepest passions as a result of the emergence of her creative specialty.

When examining contemporary culture and art in general, it becomes clear that art has served as a means of expression for many individuals, a tool for social activity, and, at its heart, a kind of solace for creators like Bollis who have so much to offer the world. Bolli is asking more people to see the limitless possibilities to push limits and discover novel ideas in the art world. Indeed, all art is universal. For this reason, Bollis has been training budding artists about the field of art and the art market. As she exhibits her work in different places, she anticipates discovering fresh perspectives. 

Bolli Blas and Yuliia Korienkova discuss what it takes to leave a lasting  legacy. 

Despite the fact that immortality is not feasible to attain, many people nevertheless want to have a significant impact on the world. Even while it may not be feasible to live forever, it is still possible to leave behind a lasting legacy that will continue to honour our contributions long after we are no longer here.  We got in touch with motivational artists Bolli Blas and Yuliia Korienkova to learn more about what it truly takes to create a legacy. 

Bolli Blas has carved out a special place for herself in the world of art because to her arresting depiction of eyes that contradict the viewpoints of people who study and evaluate her work. Bolli Blas’s artwork has been exhibited all over the world and will soon be viewed in art fairs and exhibitions in major cities, including New  York, Paris, Nice, and London. Yuliia Korienkova, a fellow artist, maintains her outlook on the future while producing modern art. The idea of legacy in general is relevant to Yuliia’s artistic career since she has built a reputation for producing works that fuse robotic and conventional artistic techniques, establishing a legacy of innovation within the art community. 

Both Bolli Blas and Yuliia Korienkova concur that attempting to leave a legacy is a worthy objective to aid in assisting you in making your imprint on the planet.  According to Bolli Blas, the greatest way to create a legacy is to start by choosing on the field in which you want to become a household name. “You need to pick what industry you want to make your impact upon before you set your sights on leaving an everlasting impression,” she advises. This idea is shared by Yuliia  Korienkova, who also argues that identifying your skills may be quite helpful in creating a lasting legacy. She elaborates, saying, “If you believe that you have 

the ideal traits to completely transform a certain business, then do so she elaborates on this concept by stating, “If you believe that you have the ideal strengths to completely transform a certain business, then devote all of your work to utilizing these talents in order to create a recognizable legacy within that industry. 

The internet era offers limitless opportunities to broaden your reach both within and outside of your profession, according to Bolli Blas and Yuliia Korienkova,  who both agree that the modern artist or businessperson has an even higher possibility of leaving a lasting legacy. 

While immortality is unachievable, Bolli Blas and Yuliia Korienkova contend that with the appropriate mindset and perseverance, each of us may create our own enduring legacy.