As far as everyday gadgets that affect quality of life go, headphones are near or at the top. We run, sleep, ride trains and planes, and some of us even workout while wearing earbuds. 

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So, what’s the big deal? Well, every audiophile who listens to music, more often than not, listens it on a 100% sound output just to immerse oneself in the moment. And which AC/DC, Led Zeppelin or a Linkin Park fan wouldn’t do it? 

But it is an established fact that continuously hearing loud music can deteriorate your hearing sense and this can get worse with a poor-quality earbud. This can obviously be offset by limiting the usage time or lowering the volume, but hardly anyone does that. 


This is where the new Hear+Hi Serena earbuds can put your fears to rest and allow you to experience music like never before. This article will explain why you need to choose a good-quality headset, safeguard your hearing and why you should consider the new Serena earbuds for all your listening experiences.

Why quality matters?

The vast majority of headphones and earbuds, especially the cheaper, non-branded ones, do not have noise-canceling capabilities built into their design. This disrupts the listening experience with ambient noises leading listeners to turn up the volume. 

As a solution to this problem, engineers developed the noise cancelling capabilities that can block ambient noise allowing users to experience crystal clear music at lower volumes. A fact that is just unimaginable to people using cheaper headsets. 

The technology is popularly called as Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). This technology works by using microphones to pick up low-frequency noise and cancelling it out before it reaches the ear. They use battery-powered technology that creates sound waves that essentially cancel out the outside noise. The headsets block out the outside noise allowing the users to listen to music uninterrupted and remain ‘literally’ oblivious to outside world. 

With Serena earbuds, users can get the best quality active noise cancellation feature and enjoy music, podcasts or audiobooks at any place. Be it a crowded metro, or the college canteen, office rec room, or even the noisy streets, Serena earbuds can handle them all with ease. 

Beware of fake ANC’s 

Though ANC-powered headphones are good, users should be aware of the fake products in the market. Simply going by the ANC name is not enough, it is important to understand the distinction between the fake ANC’s and the genuine ones. Cheaper alternatives simply pump more sound into the listeners ears under the guise of ANC. This is very damaging to the ear.

A real ANC-powered headphone will give noise-proof music even at lower volumes. So, always test and check if the headsets allow noise cancellation at lower or safer volume. With ANC, the music listening experience will be clear, crisp and safe even at mid-range volumes. 

Why choose Serena Earbuds?

The Serena earbuds are the latest earbuds launched by California-based Hear+Hi, a subsidiary of one of the biggest micro-electromechanical systems microphone manufacturer GMEMS Technologies. Serena offers the world’s best active noise-canceling wireless earbuds. It is the perfect solution for audiophiles. The active noise canceling feature eliminates the need for turning up the volume to muffle ambient sounds. Serena earbuds delivers 20dB better noise cancellation which is 10x better than big brands. Serena’s smaller NC acoustic module sits closer to the eardrum and puts the mic right next to the transducer for more targeting sound.

In Serena, the background noise is reduced by -45dB in the Super ANC mode! The earbuds are highly effective at countering sub-200 Hz sound waves and can silence noise coming from drones and hums from airplane cabins, subway cars, and even many offices and coffee shops. This gives users get the best possible experience. 

Moreover, the sound is perfectly crisp, and they can be used not only for listening to music but also for phone calls and meetings. 

The Serena earbuds are now in presale and priced at a steep discount at just $79 per set. Shipment will start in September and free shipping is offered to customers in the U.S. and Canada. 

Final thoughts

Choosing the right headsets can go a long way in ensuring a healthy lifestyle. Most users feel a strain on their ears after listening to loud music in their headsets but this is often ignored. 

The problem of premature hearing loss is real and sadly, there is no way to reverse damage caused to the inner ear. So, music lovers should take this seriously and instead of using poor quality earphones that put a strain on their ears or avoiding listening to music altogether, they should opt for the ‘best-of -both-worlds’ approach. Use an ANC-powered headset and not only enjoy better and crisper music but also safeguard their ears.