The Game has been pretty vocal lately about his relationship with Kanye and his thoughts on being left out of the Superbowl Halftime Show. In a new interview with I Am Athlete, he talks about 50 Cent, and was asked to say one good thing about him. However, Game’s answer was more convoluted and metaphysical than anything else.

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When asked if he could say anything good about Fif, 50 replied saying “sometimes you need loose change.”

Game then described a hypothetical situation where someone might need lose change. “The parking meter ain’t takin’ a dollar. And then you scrape to the bottom, past the Chapstick, past your earbuds and then you find a quarter, like 35 cent. You’re gonna be able to stay there for about 15 minutes. Loose change, you need it sometimes,” Game said.


The Compton MC was then asked if he would prefer to do a album or a movie with 50. The Game replied, “What kind of movie? Does this n*gga die in the movie?”

He went on to detail a movie that he would do with 50, shadily named: Abandonment. The plot of this story seems eerily similar to his and 50’s estranged relationship.

“I think the movie is he abandoned his son and I come in to the baby moms and show her how a real dad is,” he said. “Me and him, I don’t really f**k with him because her abandoned his kid, his own child, his flesh and blood. And then I come along and pick up the pieces. He don’t owe me nothing, but I got problems with him.”

The Game continued, insinuating he has beef with 50 because he doesn’t take care of his child. “Any man that don’t wanna take care of their own child for any reason, I got a problem with.

You can watch the full interview below.