Life can be a struggle, especially when coping with setbacks and failures, but it always comes with certain lessons. All you need is the courage to face these challenges, the will to learn lessons, and the heart to remain committed to achieving your dreams.

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Bryan Arion is an actor and musician of Mexican heritage living in Los Angeles. His life today is an inspirational journey of resilience and determination to make it regardless of life’s challenges. Bryan was born in the mountainous terrains of Guerrero Chilpancingo in Mexico, an area well known for enormous poverty and extreme violence. His mother’s family were victims of the cartel. In their attempt to escape it, some narcos threatened to execute Bryan’s family and beheaded his great-grandfather in front of his grandmother when she was nine.

Due to this experience, Bryan’s family was put in a constant state of fear. To cope with the tragedy his family experienced, Bryan tried to cheer them up by acting out scenes from movies or performing for them in any way he could so as to provide a means of escape. Driven to give her son a better life,Bryan’s mom managed to escape Mexico with him at the age of five. They joined some distant family in a small town in North Carolina.


Although life was better for them in the US, Bryan faced further challenges at a young age, including a language barrier, racism, and discrimination. Despite all that, he learned English, and his mother always encouraged him not to see color and to persevere no matter the situation.

During this time, Bryan honed his acting and musical talent. He was fully immersed in the art of theater, doing plays, and learning how to play guitar and piano. He also took MMA classes to learn how to defend himself. Bryan and his mother eventually became citizens, allowing them to travel outside the country. They made it a habit to travel to Mexico every year, in order to remind Bryan where he came from, and appreciate the culture, heritage, and what made his life become what it is today.

Bryan excelled at MMA and won many Jiu Jitsu tournaments. After graduating from high school, he faced a dilemma as he had to choose between pursuing acting or a career in the MMA world. He chose his childhood passion, acting, and has loved it ever since. Bryan has appeared in several music videos, commercials, and TV shows – 5 Gum, NBC’s Days of Our Lives, Michael Bay’s, The Last Ship, on TNT, Selena, the Series, on Netflix, to name a few. Bryan is currently working on a few exciting projects that are set to come out soon

To date, Bryan and his mother are best friends, and he always felt indebted to her and his grandmother. “I wouldn’t be anywhere without these two incredible and strong women in my life. Even though my family history taught me to live in the moment, day by day, tomorrow isn’t promised, and nothing is guaranteed. I hope I’m still acting or producing a few years from now,” shares Bryan. His biggest aspiration is to make a movie about his grandmother or write a book about her life to acknowledge the significant role she played to become who he is today.

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