A childhood dream is woven with innocence and wonder; when encouraged to reach for the stars, it turns into reality. One such story of prodigious aspirations is that of Rossina Grieco, a celebrated pianist. Grieco’s relationship with opera and tunes led her towards transcendence and prestige.

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Grieco enjoyed her mother’s orchestral work and inherited her father’s affection for opera. Even as a young girl, she was not oblivious to the spell music had on her. Recalling how the sound of piano made her feel, Rossina Grieco, says, “…My brain and body had such a sensory experience when hearing piano that I knew this was meant for me.” Her debut at Copley Hall with the San Diego Symphony was just a start; Grieco went on to receive international admiration.

Rossina Grieco finessed her style and practiced piano with the zeal to become better each day. With time, music became less of a passion and more like an integral part of her being. The stage became Grieco’s home and performing piano, her solace; nothing deterred her from the pursuit to serenade the entire world. Through her art, she has been able to capture the attention of melophiles and has frequented the Beijing International Music Festival as a guest artist. 


She has journeyed around the world and played in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Her flair did not go unnoticed by honored artists like Dmitri Bashkirov, Richard Goode, Gábor Takács-Nagy, Yu Long, Dame Fanny Waterman, Gary Graffman, Eleanor Sokoloff, and Fu Cong, who invited her to play alongside them on tours. Rossina Grieco has also received academic recognition and eminent awards. She has been distinguished as the beneficiary of the Ihnatowycz Prize.

Grieco devoted her life to the piano. Witnessing her performance is a lifetime opportunity for many who describe her music as tranquil waves that engulf you. Her music burns like a fire inside her that becomes her muse. Rossina Grieco has been an inspiration to many dreamers and continues to be one.

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