Meet Amaka Kai’ro, the Igbo Princess of Afro Trap. Her family is originally from Nigeria, but she was raised in Saint Louis, Missouri.  She maintains a strong belief of keeping her original roots that heavily influence her music. Her music career started after she met P Diddy at a mansion party last summer; her talent didn’t go unnoticed. Her proudest accomplishment is being able to write songs for others. Amaka merges African beats with trap music and she uses the multicultural life she lives as inspiration. 

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According to Amaka Kai’ro, “life is easy”. From what we are seeing from her, that statement is as accurate as it gets. She will not stop until she gets to the top. She is the only female in the Afro trap genre that is taking over the world; there is no one that even comes close. You might be able to try to compete with her, but nobody will be able to put a curveball in her destiny for greatness within the music industry. Amaka is on headline after headline, conquering the world with her African inspired beats. Her goal in the music industry is to one day win a grammy – and with her talent, it looks like she will be headed for multiple awards.

Amaka Kai’ro is currently an independent artist who is musically inspired by Jennifer Lopez. She would like to collaborate with her to release music that would make jaws drop. Both JLO and the Igbo Princess both make people feel empowered and that’s exactly what Kai’ro wants her listeners to take away from her music. She is currently working on another project that is sure to make heads turn, her album 813. Fittingly set to be released on August 13, her listeners will get a glimpse of how different her music is. Together with London on da track and Burna boy, we can’t wait to see how fast she will change the music world. 


Amaka Kai’ro is a name you will continue to hear over and over again, her music is being played wherever you go. To get a better understanding of Afro Trap and the Igbo Princess, follow her on Instagram and Twitter.