Drake is having an incredibly busy long weekend, seemingly dropping new projects left and right. In addition to dropping the much-discussed dance-inspired album Honestly, Nevermind, Drizzy also premiered his new SiriusXM radio show, Table for One. 

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On the show, he discussed his exploration into new sounds for the album as well as teased two more new tracks: “Confusion” and “I Could Never.”

“Confusion” features Drake’s signature crooning over some solid mid-tempo EDM-type beats while “I could never” is a slowed-down lyrical ballad interspersed with piano riffs and dynamic beats. 


He also teased another Scary Hours pack to come in the near future as well as a poetry book. Needless to say, fans are to see what Drake does next since nothing seems outside of the realm of possibility for the multifaceted artist anymore.

On a blog on SiriusXM’s website, Drake explained the rationale behind the name of his new show, stating: “I called it Table For One ’cause more times when I really need to lock in, focus, I always get a table in whatever restaurant to myself. Have some drinks, go through music, figure out what the next moves are for me and where everything is at, so that’s kind of what the show’s about. This show’s just about zoning out. I’m excited to bring this to you permanently. Table For One, we do it all without doing the most.”