This past March, fans were shocked when Love and Hip Hop Hollywood reality TV star Apple Watts was involved in a head-on collision with a diesel truck, The accident left her unresponsive and her sister started a go fund me to help support Apple and her children during this time.

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During a heartbreaking Instagram live, Apple struggled to talk with her sister at her bedside. The spunky star is fighting her way back into recovery and promises everyone she will be back on TV soon.

 Well as everyone knows my sister is up and alert she understands and follows commands, right now she is in speech therapy so that her trachea can be removed and that therapy helps her with speech and swallowing she is also in physical therapy she been trying to balance herself by sitting on the edge of the bed with her feet on the floor it’s all a process and she is trying to get there she still be talking mess even to me lol but I love it just shows she still her and we are still waiting for her to be transferred and I been talking to them and doing a lot of looking around to speed the process but yea she is doing good and I’m still on the visits just family so please respect that thanks


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