ZeXzy is quickly rising among the ranks with authentic Afrobeats music and songs that entrance huge audiences. His “Obsession” was recently enriched with a beautiful music video, an undoubtedly high-quality production. The song and music video have virally appealed to the masses, charting on Shazam in many cities of the world, and reaching over 1M views in no time on YouTube. 

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Having arrived at a sensual and hazy melody, ZeXzy took it a step further with the visual concept which was inspired by a high school memory of a girl obsessed with ZeXzy, as mentioned in a previous interview. As the God of Obsession wakes from his thousand-year sleep, his power sends all the ladies into a frenzy of desire for ZeXzy. The depiction of this in the video clip is simply flawless thanks to great acting, stunning costumes, and masterful direction. 

ZeXzy gives his audience all they need—great music and lyrics, entrancing soundscapes that instantly set the mood, and all this is wrapped in a minimalistic veil of Afrobeats with a sprinkle of other genre elements. And the music video is just the perfect addition to “Obsession” that’s been topping charts and gaining huge momentum. However, ZeXzy has numerous pieces that have been really popular; for instance, “My Mind” from his recent five-track EP titled Na Who. Directed by Paul Gambit, the song details ZeXzy’s struggles after a breakup through a music video with well over a million plays (over 2 million on Spotify).


Some of ZeXzy’s other works include “Troway”, “Promise Land”, and more. Of course, as an artist with a diverse range of influences, ZeXzy enjoys experimenting with various sounds. He put it best: “I am blessed with so many sounds that I get from a higher source that I just can’t stick to one genre. Today I might give you an Afrobeats hit and you think that’s all there is to me, then the next thing is that you’re hearing a pop hit, and then a Rock ‘N’ Roll song could hit you. You just never can tell with ZeXzy what his next move is going to be.” Fans cannot wait to see ZeXzy’s next piece!

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