Over the weekend Florida rapper Saucy Santana went viral after telling the crowd at his show that women need gay men. He was introduced to the world by his friend Yung Miami of the City Girls and quickly garnered attention for his outlandish quotes and Instagram videos,

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Now he is a fast-rising rapper known for making trendy party bobs and proudly sporting a full beard and a face of makeup. At his recent showm Santana told the crowd that gays run the world because when them b**** need their hair done, they calls the gays, when they need a stylist, they call the gays, when they need their makeup done, they call the gays and when they need advice about their dog a** baby daddies they call the gays. 
Santana finished his rant by letting the crowd know that gays are the blueprint. 

Watch the video below.


CLICK HERE to hear exactly what Saucy said.