It’s no secret that over time, the role of a producer has become even more important. Many people today say that the reason they like a lot of songs is because of the beat, and some would even argue that the beat is better than the artists. Earlier this week, Bobby Shmurda went on a rant about producers overcharging for beats.

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“I done made over half a million for the year, can’t be that bad outside. “I’m trying to drop my project, but these n*gga is asking me clearances and these f*ckin’ producers are asking for some crazy sh*t,” Bobby said. “I don’t know what rumors is going around, they think, ‘Oh Bobby just droppin’ bags, this, that, whatever.’ Givin’ no n*ggas $10,000, $8,000 for no f*ckin’ producer.”

Bobby’s rant was sure to ruffle some feathers within the producer community, and even caught the attention of superproducers Boi-1da and Cardo.


Boi-1da responded to Bobby in the comments section of 2Cool2Blog‘s Instagram post. “Designer beats cost designer prices,” he commented.

However, Cardo would ask for all the smoke in his response to Shmurda. Cardo took to Twitter where he said that artists have no respect for producers.

“Rappers saying producers overpricing their beats shows u we don’t get any respect in this shit. Y’all N*ggas weird,” he tweeted. “We HAVE to make y’all n*ggas pay us more every time … cuz y’all be tryna offer 2500 for a beat. I gotta let it off one time,” Cardo said in his first two tweets.

Cardo continued his rant, adding “and in most cases that never works and n*ggas have no choice but to settle for that 2500 cuz we got mouths feed and bills to pay. I’m just speaking up for the producer community… that’s all. No complaining of any sort … but y’all will not continue to try and step on N*ggas over here. Cuz Im fasho with the bullsh*t. Just ask around.”

Cardo ended by saying “I’m out this b*tch … y’all have a pleasant and blessed evening like any other. Love y’all. Album otw.”